Contract Negotiation

One of the most common statements made by athletes is the difficulty they find in assessing and achieving their market value. Negotiation skills are essential and our record stands strong amongst all of our clients. We perform extensive research into prior year contracts and the current market value of players. With the expertise of accountancy and taxation staff, we are able to structure contracts that not only meet the financial needs of our clients, but also minimise the tax burden that accompanies that contract.

Endorsements and Sponsorships

Over time we have developed strong working relationships throughout the business community. As a result of these contacts we are able to seek, on behalf of our clients, additional income and products from endorsements and sponsorships.

Media Management

It is very important for an athlete to be seen by the public in a positive way as this can impact on performance and opportunities. We attempt to create profiles for our athletes with the view of generating and optimising their opportunities.

Financial Services

Turning Point Management has access to a network of quality financial planners and home loan brokers to ensure our clients’ financial needs are being met and their earnings are working for them long term.