Sara Leonardi McGrath

Sara is the loving wife of Australian cricket legend Glenn McGrath, an amazing step-mother to James and Holly and doting mother of her daughter Madison.

In addition to her family Sara has proven herself as an exceptional businesswoman. Achieving tremendous success in her business ventures during her time in Australia, Sara is unfazed by the challenges of managing a successful business in the competitive Australian climate. Sara channels her creative mind in her design ideas including interior and clothing designs. In April of 2019, she launched her “wearable art” label itsafad, a creative rendition on tie-dye clothing and fashion.

In addition to her business interests, Sara has also enjoyed roles as a media commentator where she has proven herself to be an informed voice to on social issues, providing a unique and unabashed perspective.

Living in numerous countries around the world before settling in Australia has enabled Sara to develop a tremendous network with people from many cultural backgrounds.